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15-09-2016 | 16:41 The current situation of the National School in the Bras Gauche is very unsafe. There are no support beams and other systems that provide the roof and walls with good support. Because of the current situation it does not function well as an emergency shelter. Luckily the community is rebuilding the school and in that process they will place pillars and beams everywhere in the building. Also the school will get new sanitary facilities, including the construction of new latrines.They are working hard on creating a safe haven for the students of that school and for an emergency shelter for the entire community. But as long as there is no new shelter, they are making use of the temporary shelter . There is also money needed to adapt the three other schools. Help to get this job done and support the people in Haiti   Backside Main Building  Rehabilitation Main Building    General Overview    Building latrines    Replacing the Shelter   Posted on: Disaster-proof schools in Haiti