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27-10-2016 | 09:00 The current situation of the National School in Breslliene is substandard and dangerous. The roof is in very bad condition, roof parts are missing. The roof has to be completely renewed. At the sanitary building there is no access to the septic tank. They’re cooking on old and rusty hobs. The water tank is destroyed and therefore unusable. There is no system to store rainwater. As a result, the water flows in the classroom where the children are following class. There is also a lack of a system for collecting water and there is no production of clean drinking water. These issues are addressed by the workforce, so the school eventually qualifies as an emergency shelter for the children and residents of Haiti. Help us to disaster-proofing this school. Watch the photos of the actual state of the school building.  Watertank   Rusty kitchen   Posted on: Disaster-proof schools in Haiti