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03-05-2018 | 13:51 Due to alternating periods of extreme drought and heavy rainfall in Mali, the fragile riverbanks of the Senegal River have been very eroded. Flooding of the river causes a continuous loss of livelihood for the farmers. As a result, food supplies and family incomes remain very uncertain.   Climate change strikes hard In order to encounter these problems and prepare people for the risks of climate change, the Red Cross carries out activities in the most vulnerable areas near the riverbanks of Goutioubé, Sebou and Seibath on the Senegal River. The result is a self-reliant community that is able to reduce the risks associated with climate change.  Team of Red Cross volunteers in the region Seibath   What needs to be done? To realize the activities below, 75 volunteers of the Red Cross have been selected. They will be trained to carry out activities of this project. Fifteen of these volunteers are specifically selected to train women on how to make best use of the available agricultural land. On the riverbanks of the Senegal River, Red Cross volunteers, together with the local community, will carry out the following activities: Increasing the agricultural areas for women Teach women sustainable farming methods Strengthening natural resources in eroded areas Training the population on how to draw up risk maps and intervention plans independently. Drinking water wells and facilities for washing hands   Support the local community! With your help, and the commitment of the local community, we ensure that livelihood and community income increases again. As a result: stronger and more self-reliant communities live near the Riverbank of the Senegal River. Start a fun campaign or donate directly, and help the already vulnerable people in Mali on their way to a new and hopeful future!   Posted on: Let the riverbanks flourish in Mali