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09-03-2018 | 11:13 Increasing self-reliance In order to increase self-reliance in these areas, the Red Cross sets up local early warning alert teams. The early warning alert teams play an important role during this project. They are responsible for alerting people in lower-lying areas to new floods. The Red Cross supports these teams with equipment and helps them draw up evacuation plans.   Sending alerts Angela lives in the higher village of Mpampa and is a member of the early warning team. She says that there was no way to predict whether the river was flooded. ‘’Because we keep an eye on the height of the river, we now know exactly when we have to warn people. By warning people, they are alert and prepared for flooding. The water level is actively measured. When the water level reaches the red zone, people must leave their houses as soon as possible and go to the evacuation area.'', she says. Members of the alert team have special telephones that allow them to call local governments to warn them for new floods. Through local radio stations and disaster response teams in the areas, they set up these warnings. In this way, people in lower-lying areas can be evacuated early.  Angela (member of the early warning team) What you can do! With your help we can prepare more vulnerable people for future floods and expand early warning teams. Some of the most risky areas in Malawi are already prepared for floods with the help of volunteers and generous donors. In order to carry out these activities in all areas, we need your help! Start a campaign for this project or donate directly! Posted on: Predicting the Risks of Flooding in Malawi