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30-07-2018 | 11:32 The risk of erosion There is a risk of further erosion of vulnerable land near the riverbanks in Goutioubé, Sebou and Seibath of the Senegal River. To prevent this, the Red Cross has planted vegetation on these riverbanks. These certain types of trees (gum trees) have already been planted in the region Sebou and Goutioubé. The gum trees require little maintenance, and at the same time they strengthen the soil. Also these trees can grow well in eroded soil. Reforestation on the riverbanks of the Senegal River The Red Cross has planted a total of 8,000 gumtrees in Sebou and Goutioubé to restore their riverbanks. Reforestation contributes to a firm soil and prevents further erosion of the riverbanks. Red Cross volunteers train the local community how to maintain these trees themselves and how to further strengthen the riverbank.    Erosion zones on the banks of the Senegal River in Sebou   Maintenance of planted gum trees by volunteers in Sebou Self-sufficient communities on the riverbanks in Mali Through reforestation of eroded riverbanks local communities are more resilient to floods after  heavy rainfall and periods of severe drought. And by increasing farmland the food supplies and family incomes are increasing. This all helps to make a community more self-reliant. Predicting floods Lately, around 80% of the local population on the Mali riverbank is capable to map the risks of their surroundings. The community itself keeps track of the water levels of the Senegal River. Measuring the water level enables them to predict future floods. The risk maps that have been drawn up make it possible to know how and when to react to upcoming floods. Community involvement In order to prepare more people on natural disasters in the vulnerable areas of the riverbanks in Mali, the inhabitants where actively involved in the evaluation of the project. Red Cross volunteers evaluate the results of the activities carried out among the local community through surveys.  Red Cross volunteer interviews a community member  Posted on: Let the riverbanks flourish in Mali